About Us

Al Munna Bookshop Ltd. is an independent international book distribution and publishing company of international repute with its headquarter in Sharjah and outlets in Sharjah and Dubai. The company was founded in 1986 by a group of publishing professionals who are dedicated and committed to the field of education. We are decades-old major distribution company of CBSE and O level School Textbooks and Stationery in the United Arab Emirates.

At Al Munna we believe in delivering quality textbooks and customized notebooks at highly competitive price. We are the major importer of books directly from the publishers based in the UK, US and the other South Asian Countries. The company initiates all custom clearance, forwarding and delivery in a time bound program to the satisfaction of our valued clients.

We believe in the leveraging on the latest publishing technology to deliver quality product and services for the benefit of our customers and channel partners.

With decades of distribution and publishing experience we understand the needs of the educational institutions and book distribution partners.

We continuously challenge our self to provide the highest level of services to our clients.

What sets us apart from our Competitors?
are independently owned and managed organization with decades of proven track record. We take long term view in our decision, rather than focusing on short term financial gains. - We believe in continuous and sustained efforts, and strive persistently towards achieving and delivering the most satisfactory, and time bound services to our clients. - We take pride in our professionalism and efficiency in the ever changing needs and expectations of our channel partners and end-users.